Africa’s Basketball Africa League is seeing huge new interest from both fans and sponsors in the build up to the league’s first final following an announcement of support from the NBA. The 2020 season’s finals will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, in March.

Some 20 teams are expected to participate in the event at Kigali’s new Kigali Arena. BAL President, Amadou Fall, announced last week at an NBA Luncheon event that the finals would start on March 13.

There has been growing anticipation in the event following the announcement at the 2019 NBA Africa Game that the NBA was throwing its weight behind a continental event. A FIBA sponsored Africa league already existed and it took several months before an announcement that the NBA would in fact support the existing event.

Fall, the NBA Africa vice president was announced as BAL President in September 2019. The qualifying rounds saw renewed energy and continental attention from basketball fans as teams realised the significance of the

“We expecting to see a lot more financial support for the teams that come out on top of the BAL,” said Patriots team head coach Carey Odhiambo, shortly after the Rwanda team clinched a birth in the finals at the weekend. The team beat Madagascar’s GNBC, to end the pre-season as the top East African side… a great start for the host side going into the event’s first ever finals, in their home town.


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